It was during the final stages of my PhD that I came to know of David.  I don’t need many words to describe his service: he is the best of the more than 10 proofreaders with whom I have worked.

David’s work is extremely sophisticated, thorough and punctual.  No matter how high a standard you might imagine, he will exceed it.  I am not regretful that I only found David in the final year of my PhD, as I use his service even now and will continue to do so for all my postdoctoral writing.

Dr. Suyoung Kim
Ph.D. Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2011

David has provided exceptional support throughout the course of my postgraduate studies in social anthropology.  His editorial skills were also invaluable in the publication of my photographic book ‘Under Gods’.  No mistake passes David!

Liz Hingley
Photographer (www.lizhingley.com)

David's academic writing is always of the highest quality, as elegant as it is precise. His skills as a tutor and editor have been widely appreciated by students and staff alike.

Dr. Mukulika Banerjee
Reader in Social Anthropology, London School of Economics and Political Science

I led a programme on which David supported the writing development of university students through workshops, lectures, online tuition and tutorials. I can easily say he was one of the most outstanding mentors with whom I have worked. His approach is creative, thoughtful and nuanced. He is a superb writer, stylist and editor, and he is a sensitive and encouraging teacher. Students who have worked with him have greatly benefited from his guidance, and his achievements were highly praised by staff and students alike.

David has also worked impressively at more strategic levels within the university, identifying areas of curriculum development and bringing vision and insight to help colleagues enhance the learning experience of students. He is a talented and dependable teacher, editor and researcher. He is a delightful person with whom to collaborate.

Dr. Colleen McKenna
Previous director of the Academic Communication Programme, University College London; co-director, Hedera LLP (Higher education consultancy)

As a non-native speaker, I have always had to rely on editors before submitting anything in English - from a project proposal to my thesis. Over the years, I have found David to be most thorough but yet responsive copy-editor. Therefore, when preparing the manuscript of the edited volume "Gypsy Economy", I recommended David to all of the contributors without hesitation.

Dr. Martin Fotta
Research Training Group "Value and Equivalence", Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main

Despite successfully completing a PhD in England, I share one of the major concerns for academics working and living in non-English speaking countries, that is, the achievement of those particularly complex linguistic skills necessary in order to publish in globally renowned journals. One of my primary career goals is to make an impact on global debates concerning pressing social issues, such as multiculturalism, natural resource management and environmental change, while engaging in national debates in my country of residence, Chile. Reliance on a first-class proofreader is key. I have worked with Dr. David Jobanputra since my early efforts to publish academic research, and without him my chances of publication would have been dramatically reduced. His skills work not only to make sentences clear but also to refine powerful, elaborate and convincing ideas in accordance with the author's intentions as well as the reader's possible interests and concerns. Such an achievement is ensured by a continuous exchange of feedback between Dr. Jobanputra and the author. In my experience, Dr. Jobanputra's work barely fits into the category of proofreading. It is creative and rigorous at the same time, allowing academic publications to reach their full potential and giving them new life.

Dr. Piergiorgio Di Giminiani
Lecturer at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile

David is a wonderful editor. His work has always been punctual and accurate in its suggestions. His wording skill is absolutely perfect for any academic work. I always recommend David to my PhD friends.

Dr. Sumiko Sarashima
Department of Anthropology, University College London

Dr. David Jobanputra edited my 300-page PhD dissertation and did a tremendous job. Not only did he edit my dissertation with regards to grammatical errors, but he also assisted me with fine-tuning the structure of my arguments and eliminating excess information. His editing really improved the quality and flow of my writing. In addition to his great work, I also highly appreciated our means of communication. He always responded quickly to my emails and assisted me with further questions I had. If you are in need of an effective editor who can meet tight deadlines, I highly recommend David.

Dr. Tessa Diphoorn
Researcher, University of Amsterdam