Imake short films and documentaries that combine my anthropological training with other more creative interests, in particular writing, music and photography. In 2014 I was appointed ethnographic filmmaker on a three-year ESRC-funded project entitled "The effects of demography and migration on cooperation and competition: a large-scale field study", and since 2016 I have served as visiting Head of Production at Sharp Focus, a London-based production company specialising in sports documentaries.

For a sample of my commercial work, including promotional films and music videos, please click here.


Domino - A Cultural Odyssey (2011)

Mother India (2012)

The Workshop (2013)

Animal Collective - Graze (2013)

Travel as Consumption (2014)

MRG International Conference, Berlin (2014)

Aphex Twin - Untitled (Four Tet Remix) (2015)

The Story So Far - UK Sport (2016)

White-ball Wisdom - ECB (2016)

Parents of Talent - UK Sport (2016)

MRG International Conference, Warsaw (2016)

The Trouble with Nets - ECB (2016)

Gamechangers - ECB (2016)

Verbal Communication - NPUA (2017)

Calling TIme - UK Sport (2017)

Not Just Cricket - ECB (2018)

A Different Ball Game - ECB (2018)

Intro to the Game - England Netball (2018)

The Road to Whangarei - Cricket Ireland (2018)

The Green Mile - Cricket Ireland (2018)

The Basketmaker (2018)

Make Some Noise 2018 - Global (2018)